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I do spend an inordinate amount of time online. In fact I just had to triple my monthly internet data allowance to fulfill my needs. I thought it was about time I shared some of the foodie delights I discover online:

If you have yet to discover the fabulous salad-in-a-jar then I highly recommend it. It’s my most popular find so far.

I love it when I’m challenged to combine different ingredients like grapefruit, avocado and salmon.

Who says you need grain to make a delicious brownie? A black bean brownie might be just the ticket.

Struggle to find a gluten-free breakfast no longer … gluten-free warm and nutty cinnamon quinoa has arrived.

I was inspired by the tales of Serena Star Leonard eating plaintains for breakfast in Columbia that I just had to find a recipe.

Fresh herbs are the bomb!

Just incase you’re still feeding your kids chicken nuggets …. please stop NOW!

I hadn’t thought about popsicles being a little piece of heaven until I discovered strawberry margarita popsicles.

I love the idea of urban farming … so many rooves, so much potential growing space.

Almond flour (or meal) is crazily expensive to buy. How about making your own?

I do love a good limoncello digestivo.

I’m always keen to naturally increase my iron uptake (ok this is mine!).

In my previous life as an artist I was very partial to Christo and his wrapping so a tribute is just right up my alley.

Building a mini herb garden in the old shoe organiser you used to hang from your bedroom door just reeks of uber-cool.

Kale chips – if you’re the last one to try them begin immediately!

Could mini spice cakes look any cuter? And they’re raw so that’s gotta be good for you (well, better).

I could go a delish frozen yoghurt sundae right about now – thanks Oprah!


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